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Password for all E Transfers – Wildrose

Please check the draws on the Friday after entries close and notify the office of any issues that day. Changes can't be made after Monday at noon.

Etransfers will only be accepted until Wednesday at 9 am for that weekends rodeos. After that you must pay at the rodeo

Reminder to pay BEFORE you compete

Manning Event Winners - Please make arrangements to pick them up at the Barrhead Rodeo

Notes from the Board:

~ The Board is now accepting proposals for the 2023-2025 WRA Finals. 

~ There will not be a 2022 Finals Qualifier 

~ The 2022 Champion’s saddles have been ordered

~ Please email the office if you would like your name to be considered for the following Challenge personnel:




Arena Director


Items to be discussed at the 2022 AGM:

~ Team Roping – Tying on rule

~ Equal added money across all major events

Attention Barrel Racers:

The fine for failing to complete your duties is now $50 for the first offence; $100 for the second and $150 for the third.  If you’re unfamiliar with your responsibilities , please consult your rule book


Attention Tie-down Ropers

I just wanted to send out a quick note prior to the upcoming 2022 rodeo season getting underway to introduce myself, Steve Harpe, as the incoming Tie-down Roping director.  I’ve had a couple of seasons away from competing, but I’m looking forward to the upcoming rodeo season which we are all hoping we’ll be able to consider a full season once again come fall.  I look forward to catching up with all the familiar faces along the road, meeting any new-comers to our sport and wishing all the contestants a safe and competitive season.

One friendly reminder to all ropers on the expectations and rules around the conditioning of cattle prior to each rodeo.  As ropers we all understand the importance of properly conditioned cattle to allow us to compete to the best of our abilities in each rodeo we enter.  The expectation not only from myself as director, but also the expectation from all fellow ropers is that each one of us acknowledge and embrace the role we play as contestants in helping to condition cattle when called upon throughout the season.  We are fortunate to have some amazing stock contractors who put in tireless hours to get calves to the rodeos that well all enjoy roping throughout the season so let’s all ensure we are all doing our part at the rodeos.

As a quick refresher, below is the excerpt from the current WRA rule book outlining the expectations around contestants who are up in the first perf or slack to be present to help with conditioning calves.

Every CR contestant who is set up in the first performance of the rodeo, or the slack if it is before the first performance, is expected to be present 1.5 hours before to condition the calves. Fresh calves are to be flanked two (2) times and tied a total of four (4) times on the end of the rope – no horses involved. Calves that have been roped previously at a WRA sanctioned rodeo will be flanked one (1) time and tied two (2) times at the end of a rope – no horses involved. Calves are to be run down the arena at least once in groups of three (3) or four (4) to find the catch pen.

If the contestant is unable to be present 1.5 hours prior to the first performance, it is their responsibility to contact the event rep
otherwise they are considered a “no show.” The first “no show” will result in a warning, the second is a $25 fine and the third and all subsequent will result in a $50 fine. To the discretion of the Calf Roping Director.

I understand that there may be occasions where travel to and from other rodeos on the busy weekends of the season don’t allow us to be present to help with conditioning of cattle.  If any contestant finds themselves unable to be present 1.5 hours before first perf please reach out to myself and let me know of the situation. 

If there are any questions, comments or concerns that come up in regards to the Tie-down Roping at any time during the season, please feel free to call or text me at any time.  My contact info is listed below, and for the most part my phone never gets too far away from me.


Steve Harpe

(587) 277-4265

Attention cowboys:
  I would like to remind all young roughstock competitors that the novice pro agreement is still in play for the coming year. You may ask what is this agreement? So I will explain it . Last year 4 association’s agreed to try and support young cowboys that are wanting to rodeo in both the cpra novice and in  semipro rodeos. The association’s  include the CPRA, WRA, LRA, BCRA. How it works is if you are competing in one of the three semi pro  associations  in the open roughstock events and also hold a cpra NOVICE card. The money won at your semi pro rodeos will count for the year end standings in both the mother semi pro association as well as the cpra novice standings.  You must have a membership in the cpra and the semipro association that you compete at before your winnings will count for the standings.

EXAMPLE : Let’s say  that you are a bareback rider and you enter medicine lodge WRA rodeo. You win the rodeo and it pays you $1000.00 that money will be added to your cpra novice standings.

There is alot of money to be won at the semipro rodeos. This gives you the opportunity to hit lots of rodeos and all your winnings will accumulate in the cpra novice standings . This is a huge opportunity for young cowboys .  Contact these association’s  for more information.  These events start in March for the WRA so now is the time to get started. 

Good luck.


Dustin Duffy
Duffy Rodeo
780 621 6357