Slack Order:

Online Entry Fee Payments Close on Thursday before the rodeo.

Entry Information:

Notes to remember when entering:

1. Team roping – both partners must enter together (TRH is heading TRF is heeling).

 – Please enter the header first and then the heeler

2. If you are travelling in the same vehicle and must be up the same day, you must enter on one entry form.

3. The draw is posted Friday.  Any conflicts or issues must be brought to the attention of the office on Friday.

4. The trade deadline is Monday at noon.  It is your responsibility to find a trade and both parties must contact the office to confirm the trade before it is official.

5. Please note the membership deadline for each rodeo.  I cannot guarantee that you will be entered if you have not purchased your membership by the deadline.


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 Mayerthorpe and Thorsby Results РClick here

Teepee Creek and High Prairie Results with Money Won – Click Here

Combined Payout – Click Here

If you are on this list, you will not be able to enter or purchase your membership until you've contacted the office.

Aaron Davies
Ferren Rattlesnake
Gaylene Fells
Jacey Hallahan
Jacqueline Ramirez
Leah Statt
Liam Richards
Lukas Komant
Madison Kroetsch
McKenna Smith
Nicole Tremblay
Scott Smith
Shayanne Bear
Stran Roth

Attention all High School Rodeo Members who compete in Roughstock Events - when you show proof of membership in High School Rodeo, your membership is only $20