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Rule Changes:

1. Slack events will be run the following order: CR, SW, TR, LBR, JRB & PWB

2. The age for Jr Bulls has been extended.  Competitors can now be between 14 - 17 years of age.

3. The entry date will now be the Wednesday of the week before the rodeo and callback will be the Friday  of the week before the rodeo.

4. To qualify for the Rookie of the Year, the member must be a 1st time WRA card holder and can not have had a card in any other Association excluding High School Rodeo and Little Britches Rodeo Associations.  The member must have also entered and competed at the appropriate number of WRA mother rodeos.

The Board of Directors has amended a rule that pertains to entering.  The rule used to state that the "number of contestants on a card to be four (4) members,  Tagging ladies barrel racer and any other added events."  The rule will now state that "number of senior contestants on a card will be four (4).  Tagging any youth members."

In addition, the Board discussed the low entries in the Bareback and Saddle Bronc events.  It was decided now that if there are fewer than 2 contestants per performance, the contestants will be given the option of paying 1 entry fee but riding 2 times.  They would be eligible for the points for both rides but only their highest score would go towards the year end high point award.

Some Changes that You Need to be Aware of:

 1. The Office will NOT be processing memberships on entry day.  You must have your card purchased by noon on the Tuesday before entries.  Further, memberships will not be processed until both the signed form and payment has been received by the office.

2. There is now a rule in place for the Calf Ropers in regards to conditioning the cattle.  It is your responsibility to read and understand this new rule.  It can be found through a link on this home page.


Revised Rule Book

Calf Ropers - Revision of the Calf Roping Rule

ATTENTION Calf Ropers - Link to Rule in regards to conditioning calves


2017 Membership Form

Updated List of Stock Contractors and Announcers